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The Gentilin srl is a brokerage agency that, thanks to an award experience, offers negotiation and receiving every single hide sold based on standard specifications and/or agreed between customer and supplier.

Our Team, led by Sergio Gentilin and Annarella Imboccioli, assisted by Fabio Faggiana, make available to customers and suppliers, their long experience of over 40 years in the field of hides.

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about us

Our professional Italian team operating in South America for years and come from previous experiences of evaluation and selection of Wet Blue and Crust leather.

about us
about us
about us

We deal with the best tanneries of business for many many years with mutual satisfaction and confidence and we hope to continue with the same ratio of seriousness in the future.

Thanks to software created specifically for our customers you have the ability to track their purchases, from the order date with date of receipt, the date of shipment until the arrival in port, in real time 24 by 24.